#155: Google Spanner: Becoming a SQL System


Google’s ‘Cloud Spanner’ Is Now Production Ready
— A globally-distributed relational database service with ACID transactions and SQL semantics.WIRED’s writeup (from Feburary) gives the bigger picture of why it’s a big deal.

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Google BigQuery Now Offers 10GB of Free Storage
— BigQuery has long provided an easy way to analyze massively large datasets and now there’s a free storage tier to make getting started even easier.

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PostgreSQL 10 Beta 1 Released
— A big release is on the way later this year featuring logical replication and native table partitioning. Here’s slides covering the changes
, plus a look at incompatible changes.


Whitepaper: 5 Steps to Agile Database Management
— Database Management is years behind software development. Here’s how to bring your DBs up to speed.

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Google Spanner: Becoming a SQL System
— An academic paper presented at SIGMOD 17 that digs into the specifics of the Spanner
globally-distributed data management system Google uses (as mentioned above).

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Badger: A High-Perf Key/Value Storage Engine
— An embeddable, persistent, simple and fast key-value store, written natively in Go.GitHub repo.

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Neo4j 3.2 Released with Multi Datacentre Support
— It’s now easier to run the graph database across continents. There are also production governance (e.g. Kerberos auth), query monitoring, and performance improvements.

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