Introducing Eclipse Toolmaker’s Day

综合编程 2017-04-04

Advanced BDD/TDD Masterclass (2 days)

WITHJohn Smart

Clean coding


Tuesday+Wednesday 9:00 - 17:00



Experience the full BDD lifecycle with the author of BDD in Action

Good BDD, TDD and Software Craftsmanship practices can reduce defects by 90% or more, promote better design, make the code easier to understand and to modify, and cheaper to maintain, and above all focus work on the features that really matter. But this skills are notoriously hard to master without help. This hands-on workshop will immerse students in a realistic project, using pair programming and BDD/TDD practices to implement a number of business features. Students will learn how to:

  • Capture requirements in the form of executable specifications
  • Use automated acceptance tests to focus work on the features that matter
  • Write unit tests in the form of executable specifications that help design and implement your software
  • Refine and evolve your software design using TDD and refactoring
  • Apply OO Design and SOLID principles to write clean, maintainable code
  • Write highly readable, highly maintainable code that is a fluent expression of the business domain
  • Write unit tests that can act as living technical documentation

Lab exercises use Java 8, Cucumber-JVM, Serenity, Spock and JUnit.

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