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产品设计 2016-04-06

The Future of UX and UI

The future of UX and UI is here, now. How do I know? Because I’ve seen it at a SXSW event. And it is very amazing, see why!

The Future of UX and UI is here, now!

The future of UX and UI you say? Absolutely, and it’s here right now!

If you’ve seen the movie Iron Man, then you know what I’m talking about. Picture a UX and UI where you can manipulate the interface with just your hands, virtually, in 3D space, and anywhere you happen to be.

Say goodbye to your cumbersome and unergonomic keyboards! Move your bulky monitors to a role of only supporting you Netflix habit! Kiss those wires and power cords that used to disgrace any respectful back of an office desk goodbye! And mice? Toss that wireless or wired mouse away for good!

Hello using your hands with augmented reality coupled with virtual reality.

And the best news? That future is here, now. I know this because I have seen it at a recent SXSW 2016 talk given by pioneers Meron Gribetz, CEO and inventor of Meta
and Jayse Hansen, the designer responsible for bringing us the Iron Man interface.

Watch my video to learn more about the Future of UX and UI
, and why I’m so excited that it’s here!

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