A Facebook ban in Iran isn’t stopping government ministers from using the social network

移动互联 2013-09-10

Facebook has been banned in Iran since the country’s 2009 election. However, the entire Cabinet has now opened Facebook pages which can be viewed by a proxy server, the
Associated Press reports
, hinting that the government could possibly lift some Internet barriers soon.

Cabinet members signed up for Facebook pages in August after Iran’s new reformist-backed President Hassan Rouhani was inaugurated. Rouhani’s office has also opened a page on Facebook that has been “liked” by all the ministers.

Iran’s new president is
active on Twitter
as well. There is optimism that his new stance toward Facebook could possibly see Iranian citizens get access to the social networking site, but then again — this may just be the government’s way of communicating better with media and people overseas.

Iranian ministers open pages on banned Facebook
[Associated Press via Bloomberg Businessweek]

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