Is it just me or is the AMP-Project making everything slower?

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I have µMatrix in my browser, and by default it blocks the AMP CDN. The result of this seems to be horrendous white-screen times for web-pages, beyond what I would expect it to take for a web-server to load these pages, and the delay in loading is very noticeable across all of them.

I have a vague idea of the point of AMP, which is to speed up the delivery of web pages. However:

1) I'm not convinced the web pages were really _that_ slow to start with, so it feels like an unnecessary project (well, excepting the fact that web-page bloat has massively increased as people use more and more javascript libraries &c.).

2) Perhaps I'm being a bit old fashioned, but I don't really understand what was wrong with a browser serving a web page made out of some HTML, CSS, and Javascript. It feels like we're replacing one technology with another (and that latter one comes from Google, which makes me nervous). Do we really want AMP to be the way we serve the web?

3) I haven't properly investigated, bt I'm assuming that this delay is some script which is waiting for the data to load from the AMP CDN, and once that times out it displays the underlying content (I did check and loading this page [1] is almost instantaneous yet the content only displays after three seconds). Any insight into why it's seen as acceptable for this to be so slow when it is unnecessary for displaying the page?


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