GitHub makes its first major move since Microsoft bought it for $7.5 billion — and it’s som…

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GitHub has made its first major update since Microsoftofficially acquired the ubiquitous code-sharing service for $7.5 billion: It's giving away unlimited free hosting for private coding projects.

With GitHub Free, developers can now host as many private coding projects they want for free.

This is a big deal because, in the past, GitHub's free offering only allowed you to make coding projects that could be viewed by anybody, anywhere. The ability to host private projects — like a homework assignment, a side project, or even a coding test for a programming job — was a paid feature. Now, making private repositories is free for everybody, and users can loop in up to three collaborators on these projects.

Nat Friedman, CEO ofGitHub, writes on Twitter that sinceits acquisition, GitHub has shipped over 125improvements. Based on customer feedback, unlimited free private repositories was the top-requested feature. Notably, free private repositories are a hallmark feature of GitHub rivals like GitLab or Atlassian BitBucket.

"I'm especially excited to ship it becauseGitHub is ultimately a community, and the more collaboration that happens onGitHub, the better it can be for everyone," Friedman tweeted. "We often think of coding as a solitary activity, but in fact it's the world's largest team sport."

GitHub also announced that it's consolidated its existing products for the business under the GitHub Enterprise brand, which it will now sell as one subscription. Those products include GitHub Enterprise Cloud, which gives businesses a private GitHub portal for their own use, and GitHub Enterprise Server, which lets customers run GitHub's software in their own servers for maximum control over their data.

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Microsoft's acquisition of GitHub was a major play for the hearts and minds of software developers
, everywhere. Giving away more of the service for free could be an important step towards that goal.

"This is something we've been excited about for a long time," Kathy Simpson, senior director of product management at GitHub, told Business Insider. "It really shows an investment in the future for the community of developers we're looking to build...It's making GitHub an easier platform to everyone to use."

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