The new way to build hybrid apps using Flutter

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For a long time, most app developers create native apps which makes the user experience very good on iOS and Android. Of course, there are tools that have helped to create hybrid apps which allow developers to build the app once to work on both iOS and Android. However, although the development and cost may be less the user experience is usually heavily compromised.

New technology has made this process easier. Google has released what they call Flutter which has truly changed the game for both app owners and mobile app developers. This comes after Microsoft’s acquisition of Xamarin which also provides a similar function for app development. Flutter, however, may be the better of the 2. Although we won’t compare, we are just going to provide you with the key information about Flutter and why it’s great.

Flutter’s Key Features

1. Run a single design on both platforms well

2. Unique internal and external integrations

3. Integration of 3rd party SDK’s

4. Make and see changes in real time without restarting

5. Create apps from scratch

6. Add and fix features in already existing apps

7. 2D Apps for both iOS and Android

Developers now have the ability to do so much more with hybrid apps. Design can be a lot more complex so that the user experience is better than ever not matter what device it’s on. What’s even better is that its open source so the code can be used however developers and app owners want. There are a lot of amazing technical people who are contributing to this making it such an amazing product.

One of the biggest things to take away is that it pretty much eliminates the compromise that many developers have to make when creating hybrid apps. The most important part of any mobile app or really anything in technology is the user experience and the way it looks . It’s always been a struggle with hybrid apps. Now, with Flutter its not. You get a native experience without having to create seperate apps for the various platforms.

There is already major companies like CapitalOne using this amazing tool. You can use this tool tool for both iOS and Android. This is perfect for any size business or even an individual who wants to build a fun app for the first time. It definitely saves a lot of time and money in development and design.


Flutter’s SDK has many different things. It has command-line tools that allows you to do various things to create the app. It also has awesome widgets, is optimized, has API’s for integration tests, and much more.

What makes Flutter unique

Well, if you couldn’t tell already, its the things mentioned above. It does not use the same technoloy as other options that are out there in the market. Let’s take widgets for example. Flutter has its own rendering engine which draws widgets.

The way it uses code and implements its system is different and it makes it easy for developers like the team atSDI to do what they want. There’s pretty much no limitations which makes this one of the best things out there.

The Tech

When creating Flutter apps, developers will be writing in Dart which is similar to Java, Swift, C#, and JavaScript. Using Dart will allow you to use similar syntax and amazing libraries. It has the standard iOS and Android toolchains so the app can run properly.

There is definitely no shortage of what Flutter can do. Mobile app developers are raving over this. If you are looking to create an app for your business or have a cool idea you think people will love you don’t have to pick a platform anymore. Contact Rob LaPointe at 408.802.2885 to discuss your needs and we will use Flutter to create it on both platforms for much less than ever before.

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