gamingdirectional: Create the about scene for pygame project

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In this article we are going to create an about scene which will introduce the game, provides game instructions as well as gives credit to the game creator. The about page will also have a back button which will lead the player back to the main home page.

We will create this about scene under the start scene class and we will also change the home page buttons to three, which is the play button, about button and the score button, we will leave the score button alone now and come back later to create the score scene. For now we will only deal with the about scene.

First let us edit the start scene class by including in more buttons.

from BgSprite import BgSprite
from GameSprite import GameSprite
from pygame.locals import *
from pygame import math as mt
import pygame

class StartScene(object):

    def __init__(self, scene):
        self.scene = scene
        self.play_button = 'Asset/play.png'
        self.about_button  = 'Asset/about.png'
        self.score_button = 'Asset/score.png'
        self.home_button = 'Asset/back.png'
        self.button_image = 'Asset/button_play.png'
        self.bg_image = 'Asset/start.png'
        self.over_image = 'Asset/ove.png'
        self.next_image = 'Asset/next.png'
        self.win_image = 'Asset/winn.png'
        self.general_image = 'Asset/general.png'
        self.about_page = 'Asset/about_page.png'
        self.bg_rect = Rect(0, 0, 660, 660)
        self.button_rect = Rect(0, 0,  306, 112)
        self.home_button_rect = Rect(0, 0, 200, 53)
        self.back_button_rect = Rect(0, 0, 89, 74)

        self.sprite = BgSprite(self.bg_image, self.bg_rect)
        self.sprite_about = BgSprite(self.about_page, self.bg_rect)
        self.sprite_win = BgSprite(self.win_image, self.bg_rect)
        self.sprite_over = BgSprite(self.over_image, self.bg_rect)
        self.sprite_next = BgSprite(self.next_image, self.bg_rect)
        self.sprite_button = GameSprite(self.button_image, self.button_rect)
        self.sprite_play_button = GameSprite(self.play_button, self.home_button_rect)
        self.sprite_about_button = GameSprite(self.about_button, self.home_button_rect)
        self.sprite_score_button = GameSprite(self.score_button, self.home_button_rect)
        self.sprite_home_button = GameSprite(self.home_button, self.back_button_rect)
        self.about_surface = self.sprite_about.getImage()  # get the about sprite surface
        self.win_surface = self.sprite_win.getImage()  # get the win sprite surface
        self.next_surface = self.sprite_next.getImage()  # get the next level sprite surface
        self.over_surface = self.sprite_over.getImage()  # get the game over sprite surface
        self.surface = self.sprite.getImage()  # get the start scene sprite surface
        self.button_surface = self.sprite_button.getImage() # get the button sprite surface
        self.play_button_surface = self.sprite_play_button.getImage()  # get the button sprite surface
        self.about_button_surface = self.sprite_about_button.getImage()  # get the button sprite surface
        self.score_button_surface = self.sprite_score_button.getImage()  # get the button sprite surface
        self.home_button_surface = self.sprite_home_button.getImage()  # get the button sprite surface
        self.draw_pos = mt.Vector2(0, 0)
        self.draw_button_pos = mt.Vector2(177, 274)
        self.draw_play_button_pos = mt.Vector2(229, 200)
        self.draw_about_button_pos = mt.Vector2(229, 263)
        self.draw_score_button_pos = mt.Vector2(229, 328)
        self.draw_back_button_pos = mt.Vector2(0, 586)

    def draw(self, state):

        if(state == 0):
            self.scene.blit(self.surface, self.draw_pos) # draw a start scene sprite
            self.scene.blit(self.play_button_surface, self.draw_play_button_pos)  # draw a button sprite
            self.scene.blit(self.about_button_surface, self.draw_about_button_pos)  # draw a button sprite
            self.scene.blit(self.score_button_surface, self.draw_score_button_pos)  # draw a button sprite
        elif(state == 2):
            self.scene.blit(self.over_surface, self.draw_pos)  # draw a game over sprite

        elif (state == 3):
            self.scene.blit(self.next_surface, self.draw_pos)  # draw a next level sprite

        elif(state == 4):
            self.scene.blit(self.win_surface, self.draw_pos)  # draw a win sprite
        elif (state == 5):
            self.scene.blit(self.about_surface, self.draw_pos)  # draw a about sprite
            self.scene.blit(self.home_button_surface, self.draw_back_button_pos)  # draw a button sprite

        if(state == 2 or state == 3 or state == 4):
            self.scene.blit(self.button_surface, self.draw_button_pos)  # draw a button sprite


Next we will edit the game manager page by including in an extra state, the about state.

from Player import Player
from Background import Background
from EnemyManager import EnemyManager
from Overlap import Overlap
from ExplosionManager import ExplosionManager
from Score import Score
from StartScene import StartScene
from pygame.locals import *
from LevelManager import LevelManager
import pygame

class GameManager(object):

    def __init__(self, scene):

        self.scene = scene
        self.start_scene = StartScene(scene)
        self.overlap_manager = Overlap()
        self.level_manager = LevelManager(self)


        #game state
        self.LOAD = 0
        self.GAME = 1
        self.OVER = 2
        self.NEXT = 3
        self.WIN = 4
        self.ABOUT = 5

        self.state = self.LOAD

    def setup(self, game_level):

        self.game_level = game_level
        self.score_manager = Score(self.scene)
        self.background = Background(self.scene)

        self.player = Player(self.scene)
        self.enemy_manager = EnemyManager(self.scene, self.player, game_level)
        self.explosion_manager = ExplosionManager(self.scene)

    def loop(self):

        if(self.state == self.LOAD or self.state == self.OVER or self.state == self.NEXT or self.state == self.WIN or self.state == self.ABOUT):


        elif(self.state == self.GAME):


    def isAreaClick(self, pos):
        if (self.state == self.LOAD or self.state == self.OVER or self.state == self.NEXT or self.state == self.WIN or self.state == self.ABOUT):
            self.rect = Rect(177, 274, 306, 112) # the position of the play button on the scene
            self.rect_play = Rect(229, 200, 200, 53)  # the position of the play button on the home scene
            self.rect_about = Rect(229, 263, 200, 53)  # the position of the about button on the home scene
            self.rect_back = Rect(0, 586, 89, 74)  # the position of the back button on the home scene
            x, y = pos
            if(self.rect.collidepoint(x, y) and (self.state == self.OVER or self.state == self.NEXT or self.state == self.WIN)):
                self.state = self.GAME
            elif(self.rect_play.collidepoint(x,y) and self.state == self.LOAD):
                self.state = self.GAME
            elif (self.rect_about.collidepoint(x, y) and self.state == self.LOAD):
                self.state = self.ABOUT
            elif (self.rect_back.collidepoint(x, y) and self.state == self.ABOUT):
                self.state = self.LOAD

    def load_music(self):

    def play_music(self): #play the music infinite time

    def set_player_x(self, _x):
        if (self.state == self.GAME):

    def set_player_y(self, _y):
        if (self.state == self.GAME):

    def set_missile_strike(self, strike):
        if (self.state == self.GAME):

    def update(self):

    # check for player, enemy, missiles overlap
    def isOverlap(self):
        self.overlap_manager.isOverlap(self.player, self.enemy_manager, self.explosion_manager, self.score_manager, self)

    def draw(self):

This is what the about scene looks like…

We will further decorate those scenes in the next chapter so stay tune.

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