Creating the Voice of Youth Media

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In the early ‘90s, there was only one publication that would cover the spirit of the younger generation through sex, drugs, and rock & roll: VICE. Today, VICE Media is the #1 youth media company worldwide, reaching audiences in more than 40 countries. Its media reach has expanded from print publications into broadcast television, digital imprints, and a record label. While VICE Media still covers typical topics that most interest youths, including music and entertainment, it also attracts young audiences that are increasingly interested in more diverse content, such as environmental issues and politics.

Not only is the VICE Media generation interested in a wide range of topics, they are also consuming content in a wide variety of ways. They’re reading in-depth articles on and watching video clips through social media apps on their phones. VICE Media GmbH, the German arm of VICE Media, works with journalists and freelancers around the world to find fascinating and compelling stories, and publishes them across multiple platforms as quickly as possible.

Using Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprise, VICE Media GmbH is improving production speeds and collaboration to reach wider audiences. With Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries , VICE Media GmbH organizes video clips, logos, lower thirds, and other assets into libraries that can be shared with everyone working on a project, even freelancers. Creative Cloud Libraries are automatically synced so that people working on a project know that they’re working with the latest versions of assets for productions.

Working with Adobe Team Projects in Adobe Premiere Pro CC boosts collaboration and production efficiency. A field journalist covering a demonstration or other remote event can concentrate on shooting footage and gathering interviews, while an editor in the office collects and publishes the footage using Premiere Pro. Team Projects reduces production time and allows VICE Media GmbH to publish stories even faster.

“Every tool we invest in has to have a certain value for our business,” says Andreas Schneider, Head of Post Production at VICE Media GmbH. “Adobe has helped us to deliver fast and efficient productions.”

For designers, Adobe Stock is a game-changer. They can search the Adobe Stock archives for just the right image or video directly from within an Adobe Creative Cloud app. Once the project is edited and approved, the designer can replace the placeholder asset with the licensed version in just one click. All edits are preserved, eliminating the need for retouches. Designers only need to purchase approved stock assets, freeing time for more creativity and allowing VICE Media GmbH to improve production efficiency while reducing costs.

“With the time I save I can focus on creative thinking and concepting, such as creating a fantastic logo, instead of executing all the time,” Johann Steer, Designer at VICE Media GmbH.

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Stephanie Krausse

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Stephanie Krausse is a Senior Customer Reference Manager for EMEA at Adobe. Stephanie has worked for Adobe for over 10 years, and for the past two years has run the Customer Reference Program in EMEA. The heart of the Adobe Customer Reference Program is helping innovative customers communicate their unique stories of success using Adobe’s solutions in their specific sectors. As part of the reference team, Stephanie has the pleasure of working with Adobe customers every day, and helps share their success stories spanning across all three Adobe Clouds: Creative Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Document Cloud. ​

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