Make It Impactful: Project Felix

Here’s how to enter this Make It Impactful contest, which lets you try out Project Felix, Adobe’s new tool for compositing 3D and 2D assets into photorealistic images:

  1. You’ll need Project Felix —which comes as part of an Adobe Creative Cloud membership.
  2. Choose a photograph that you’d like to place your 3D object or objects into. For this contest, please use only photographs that you have taken yourself and that you have the right to use. Please do not use photographs of people unless you have their permission. Recognizable photographs of famous people or public figures will not be eligible.
  3. Using Project Felix, create your composite image.
  4. Share the image on Twitter or Instagram with the the hashtags #makeitimpactful and #contest .
  5. The deadline for submissions is August 4, 2017, at 11:59 p.m. PDT. A winner will be chosen and announced by August 28, 2017.
  6. Please enter only once—multiple entries and duplicate entries will be disqualified. Eligibility for prizes is limited; for the complete contest rules (in English, French, and German), click here .

From these submissions, Choice, Liaw, and Maller will be selecting one contest entrant to win a one-year Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, a $1,000 Visa gift card, and a one-hour mentoring session. (This is the second of four Make It Impactful contests we’re running in the summer and fall of 2017. One of the four winners will be randomly selected to win our grand prize: a trip toAdobe MAXin Las Vegas!)

(Learn more about this contest and get inspired—read “ Make It Impactful: Project Felix for 3D .”)

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Charles Purdy

Charles is the managing editor of Adobe Create Magazine — Adobe’s magazine by, for, and about creatives — and a former managing editor of Macworld magazine. He loves working at the intersection of creativity and technology, so his work at Adobe Create is a constant source of inspiration and delight.

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