TrueAccord is looking for a community manager

创业投资 2013-09-08

TrueAccord is reinventing the debt collection process through data and behavioral analytics. Instead of the grim and negative experience it is today, we’re turning the collections process into one that allows debtors to grow, and improve their financial standing. Since we’re dealing with such a contentious situation, customers often reach us angry, disappointed, and negative. This is where we can help them the most.

As a community manager, you will be in charge of communicating with our customers and the general public through the use of our internal tools as well as all standard social media outlet. You will help define, promote and support the company’s brand as well as the impeccable service it aims to provide its customers.

You will:

  • Manage day to day interaction with customers and solve issues that our system cannot address
  • Manage the company’s outgoing social media participation through Facebook, Twitter, blog and so on
  • Monitor the company’s social presence and participate in online conversations wherever needed
  • Participate in PR and marketing activities

The ideal candidate:

  • Is passionate about helping people through rough times and can exude empathy and positivity even under pressure
  • Has superb writing and speaking skills; English is a must, Spanish is a big plus
  • Is highly proficient and has tangible experience in using social media: Twitter, Facebook, blog and other social media outlets
  • Is motivated to work for a startup at its early stages and eager to participate in setting a direction for the company’s brand and voice
  • May have consumer marketing experience – this is a plus

Note: this is not a debt collector’s position. Debt collection experience isn’t required and is in fact discouraged for this position.

For more details, please send resumes to


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