Gear Review: Impact Posing Table and Stool Kit

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Classic elements of a portrait studio, the posing stool and posing table will always have a place in any studio. I took a closer look at the Impact Posing Table and Stool Kit . Let’s see how this particular model stacks up.

Sold as a pair, for under $150, I believe it make sense to have both items. If you have a specialized use case or need, you might consider shopping around. But for general use, this kit is a good place to start.

Unboxing, Assembly and Observations

Opening the box gave me a flash of bad experiences with IKEA furniture. Don’t panic. Some assembly is required, but it’s not complicated. No tools were needed for the stool. The table required a screwdriver and allen wrench (which wasn’t included). Given that the table is meant to support the weight of someone leaning on it, I thought it could be a little more sturdy. There’s only one main bolt that anchors the table to the center column. So it’s sure to come loose with use.

The table itself arrived with a little nick in the corner. Not a big deal, but it’s clear this thing isn’t designed to take abuse. Functionally, the table works well. A threaded center column lock allows quick height adjustments. The casters lock in place, as you’d expect. And that’s about all you really need to worry about.

The stool was definitely faster to assemble. Height adjustments are made with a lever, just like a common office chair. Very simple to use. But when my daughter tried it out, we realized she’s not heavy enough to compress the center column. So be careful when using the product with younger kids.

Buying Advice

If your primary need is for a stool, this combo package should fit the bill. But if you expect to need the table more often, I might look for other options. As mentioned, I expect the main bolt to require regular tightening. The design requires that four other screws be removed to access the bolt — not a repair I would do in front of a client.

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