Microsoft Finally Fixes Surface Pro 2017 Unexpected Shutdown/Hibernation Issue

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Microsoft has released a new firmware update for its recently-released Surface Pro that finally addresses the unexpected shutdown issue reported by the very first buyers of the device.

Surface Pro firmware version 233.1763.257.0 improves Surface System Aggregator behavior and thus revises system power reporting, with Microsoft itself confirming that the hibernation issue is supposed to be fixed.

“The fix for this issue has completed testing and is now live, please go update your Surface Pro via Windows Update to get the latest download. You can obtain this fix by checking Settings > Update & security > Windows Update,” a Microsoft support engineer revealed on the company’s community forums.

Users who purchased the 2017 Surface Pro complained that their devices shut down unexpectedly even when actively using the device, such as when typing. The issue seemed to be similar to the famous hibernation problem that many Surface models experienced, with devices reportedly pushed into a hibernation mode all of a sudden at random times.

Microsoft acknowledged the problem earlier this month and promised a fix, so users are now recommended to download the latest version to have the bug resolved.

New firmware, new problems

In posts on the Community forums, however, there are several users explaining that the issue persists even after installing the latest firmware update, though it happens in a different way. As compared to the original bug, however, the Surface seems to be going into a sleep state, one user said.

“I have also been able to continuously recreate these shutdown episodes. I was actually trying to do a looping 1080p video test for battery life from 100% at 0% brightness. But the moment I go into 0% brightness and cut off the power, the brightness turns to maximum and the video plays for a few seconds, the screen flickers and then the whole computer shuts down and goes dark,” Surface Pro customer Surface Guy explained

It remains to be seen if similar issues are experienced by a bigger number of users, but everyone is advised to install the latest firmware version and report any potential problem to Microsoft.

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