MariaDB Galera cluster released

存储架构 2012-09-07

While I was at Oscon and later at Froscon, one of the most frequent questions I heard was "When will you release MariaDB with

Galera is a multi-master cluster solution for MySQL/MariaDB made by

The reason for the delay has been that we wanted, before the release, to do some QA testing of Galera so that we know how it performs, it's limitations and possible edge cases. Through this we did find some issues that Codership has acted upon.

Now it's
finally released.

As this is the first release of MariaDB with Galera, we have labeled the release as 'alpha'. However, don't let the 'alpha' label scare you too much. Galera has been used in production by people I know and they are very happy with it.

Galera still has
some rough edges
, which Codership and we will work to eliminate over time.

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