No breakpoint is reached with Geddy

Im evaluating the Geddy MVC framework for node.js
and I am seeing a strange issue – none of my breakpoints get hit when debugging.

I am using WebStorm to launch node.js
in debug mode.

I dont know how to make Geddy start in debug mode using the CLI command so I have a bootstrapper file that I use that looks like this:

console.log("Starting server...")
var geddy = require("geddy/bin/cli")
console.log("Server started.")

I set a breakpoint on all three lines and only the last console.log
gets hit, so at least I know that the breakpoints and debugging is working properly.

Geddy internally require()
‘s my controllers who also have breakpoints set in several locations. These never get hit, but the controllers do work properly and the HTTP requests are served properly as well.

Is there any reason why breakpoints will not be hit in Geddy? Is there something more I can do?