Go Cloud-native with Spring Cloud on Azure

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Spring Framework and its ecosystem are widely adopted by Java developers to build web applications. We are collaborating closely with Pivotal developers to bring a rich Spring on Azure experience to Java developers for existing and new cloud-native apps. To this point, we wanted to enable streamlined efforts for running Spring apps in the cloud and we are excited to announce the Spring Cloud for Azure project
. In addition, with the new Spring Boot Extension Pack
in Visual Studio Code, you can have a lightweight development experience with your Spring Boot applications.

Spring Cloud Azure

Spring Cloud
provides boilerplate patterns for developers to quickly build and orchestrate microservice based applications. Extending this further, Spring Cloud on Azure is designed to provide seamless Spring integration with Azure services and allows developers to leverage Azure’s secure infrastructure and geographic reach worldwide. Developers can adopt a Spring-idiomatic way to automatically provision resources and take advantage of services on Azure, with only few lines of configuration and minimal code changes.

Key Spring Cloud on Azure modules now include:


Spring Library


Spring Cloud Stream Binder for Event HubSpring Cloud Stream Provides the binder implementation for Spring Cloud Stream
with Azure Event Hub service.
Spring Resource with Azure StorageSpring Resource Provides the implementation for Spring Resource
with Azure Storage Blob.
Spring Caching with Azure Redis CacheSpring Caching Auto configuration for Spring Caching
with Azure Redis Cache.

The Spring Cloud on Azure modules are now available on Maven Central Repository
. This is just the start so stay tuned for more updates on upcoming Spring Cloud modules. To get started, visit the Spring on Azure documentation
and try it out with these samples

Spring Boot Development in VS Code

Visual Studio Code is a free open source editor with powerful Spring and Java support. The Spring Boot Extension Pack
in Visual Studio Code provides you with a lightweight developer experience for your Spring Boot application development. Check out the Build Spring Boot App with VS Code
tutorial for more details. For more details, go to:

  • Spring Initializr
    for managing Spring dependencies and generating new projects.
  • Spring Boot Tools
    to provide validation and content assistance for Spring Boot projects.
  • Boot Dashboard
    (preview) to manage Spring Boot applications in VS Code workspace.

Next step

Check out the Spring on Azure documentation
to get started. Also, don’t forget to try Visual Studio Code for a faster and leaner experience with building Java and Spring apps

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