How do I get a new selection in & ldquo; Select & rdquo; In angular 2?

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I am using Angular 2 (TypeScript).

I want to do something for new selection, but what I got in onChange() is always last selection. How can I get new selection?


onChange($event) {
    // I want to do something here for new selectedDevice, but what I
    // got here is always last selection, not the one I just select.

If you don't need two-way data-binding:


onChange(deviceValue) {

For two-way data-binding, separate the event and property bindings:

export class AppComponent {
  devices = 'one two three'.split(' ');
  selectedDevice = 'two';
  onChange(newValue) {
    this.selectedDevice = newValue;
    // ... do other stuff here ...

If devices
is array of objects, bind to ngValue
instead of value


{{selectedDeviceObj | json}}
export class AppComponent {
  deviceObjects = [{name: 1}, {name: 2}, {name: 3}];
  selectedDeviceObj = this.deviceObjects[1];
  onChangeObj(newObj) {
    this.selectedDeviceObj = newObj;
    // ... do other stuff here ...

- does not use

- uses

and uses the new forms API

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