Digital Marketing 101: Simple Strategies For Success

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Corporate leaders who are focused on making company growth a reality for 2017 should know that there are multiple strategies they can deploy to realize their goal.

One of them is by consistently implementing digital marketing strategies that are known to generate outstanding outcomes.

Here are just three of several online advertising techniques that can take your company into a new dimension of prestige and power:

1. Social Media Optimization (SMO)

It’s no secret that millions of people log onto social media channels every single day. Whether these individuals are using the channels to socialize, build their own following, promote a philanthropic cause, or accomplish some other objective, it’s important for business owners to start connecting with them.

Luckily, the ongoing use of customized SMO strategies empowers corporate leaders to realize this goal. Some of the more prevalent social media channels that you may be interested in building your brand within include:

• YouTube



• Instagram

• Reddit

• Pinterest

• Vine

• Tumblr


• Flickr

• LinkedIn

• Google+

• ClassMates

One example of an SMO strategy that can make your brand more influential and authoritative is Twitter polls . These polls are amazing because they enable you to engage your target audience while simultaneously conducting research that will help you make prudent business decisions that lead to increased conversion rates. A sample question that a brand owner might ask through a Twitter poll would be “Which of our coffee flavors do you find to be the most tasty?” Sample answers would be A. Vanilla B. Hazelnut C. White Chocolate Mocha.

2. Responsive Web Design

In addition to using digital marketing strategies like SMO, make sure that you tap into the power of attaining responsive web design services.

This technique is powerful because it enables people to easily access your website when they use mobile devices to do so. Now that more people utilize mobile devices to use the internet than the traditional PC, you want to make sure that you aren’t losing these people because your website is not cross compatible.

Note that a digital firm that offers responsive web design services will probably be able to provide you with numerous other dynamic, brand-building site development services. These services can work to make your site more aesthetically innovative, functional, and cutting edge.

For example, companies such as 1shoppingcart are pleased to offer clients online shopping cart software that will enhance and accelerate the customer’s purchasing process.

3. Content Marketing

Another digital advertising technique that can push your company forward is the use of content marketing services . These services are empowering because they help you ensure that the web media used to represent your brand online is up to date, information-rich, innovative, and/or entertaining.

Digital advertisers who are serious about growing your brand online will oftentimes employ highly skilled content writers to take care of this task for you. One content marketing strategy that digital developers will frequently use is target market research. This research empowers the content developers to maintain an up to date understanding of the target audience’s demographic, geographic, and psychographic data.

Once this happens, content writers will be able to determine what type of information should be included in the blog posts, web articles, videos, pictures, etc.

You may want to read: How to Start Your Own Content Writing Service.

Get Your Online Presence Going And Growing Now!

If you’re ready to make your business increasingly powerful online, you can get the ecommerce process underway right now.

Use some or all of digital marketing strategies listed above to get things going and growing immediately!

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