Twitter and Facebook are blocked again in Iran, ‘technical glitch’ blamed for brief access

移动互联 2013-09-17


nternet users in Iran were
able to log into Twitter and Facebook
using domestic carriers for the first time in four years yesterday, in what many saw as a liberation of censorship — however, the party’s over now as the sites are blocked again.

The Hindu reports
that access to social networks was quickly blocked just hours after reports of new-found Internet freedom rained in, and many linked the move with a new era under the tenure of recently-elected President Hasan Rouhan.

Mehr, a news agency with links to the government, quoted communications official Abdolsamad Khoramabadi as saying temporary access was down to a “technical failure regarding some Internet service providers.”

So it’s back to the drawing board for Internet fans in Iran, who will look to VPN software to get past the censorship.

Blocks on Facebook, Twitter back in Iran
[The Hindu]

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