The Kindle Voyage is no longer available from Amazon

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TheKindle Voyage is no more. The e-reader is currently unavailable through Amazon, as noted
by a
few sites
. You can still pick up a refurbed version
through the retailer, but listings for the new model note that, “[t]his item is only available from third-party sellers.”

TechCrunch confirmed that the product is no longer available with Amazon, which noted, “that customer response to Kindle Voyage has been incredibly positive and we’ve sold out.” While Amazon’s refusing to disclose any further information, if there was a refresh on the way, the company likely would have noted as much on the site as is its custom.

All of this probably means there’s either new model on the way or, more than likely, the Voyage has been sunset. The device was first introduced in 2014 as a thinner, lighter and generally more premium version of the popular reader. The arrival of the higher end Oasis two years later, however, has made the product a bit redundant.

The culling of the line was probably a bit overdue, really. Amazon’s the far and away leader in devoted e-readers, but even without the Voyage in the lineup, there’s plenty of variety to be had in a still fairly narrow space.




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