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In my application, I use PrimeFaces's


component to implement update feature as following:

And this is my Managedbean:

@ManagedBean(name = "mrBean")
public class MrBean {
   private List menu;
   private boolean    canConfirm;

   public void changeName() {
      this.canConfirm = true;

   public void confirm() {
      System.out.println("Updated database!");

When I finished editing name
and clicked Save, my Eat button was not enabled.

I'd be very grateful if you could show me what I have done wrong here. I am using PrimeFaces 3.0.RC2.

Works just fine for me,

I guess you omitted some code from the one you posted on purpose, but if not, will post the one I generated beside the one you posted...

private String  someText ="xxx";

public String getSomeText() {
    return someText;

public void setSomeText(String someText) {
    this.someText = someText;

 public boolean isReadyToEat() {
    return readyToEat;

public void setReadyToEat(boolean readyToEat) {
    this.readyToEat = readyToEat;

and wrapped the code of the xhtml with

and it works 100%

output is

Ready to eat: true
Hello, buddy!

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