Some Pixels users experiencing ‘installation error’ with July’s security update

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One of the benefits of owning aNexus orPixel device is the frequency of updates and the monthly security patches that usually roll out at the beginning of each month, the latest of which became available to download yesterday. TheJuly update isn’t going quite as planned though as some Pixel owners have found that they are unable to install the OTA, with their handsets giving up “Couldn’t update” and “Installation problem” errors.

While the OTA can be downloaded on the device, the error shows up when the installation process has begun. The installation problem doesn’t affect all Pixel models, just the T-Mobile,Project Fi, and Rogers variants running the NKG47M build. It seems that Verizon models can install the update without a hitch. Pixel XL users don’t have anything to worry about as the larger handset can install the July update as would normally expect.

If you are getting the installation error on your Pixel, there’s no need to panic as Google has stated in the Google Product Forums’ Pixel User Community that they are on the case and working to find a solution. In the meantime, it looks like the OTA has been pulled, but you can probably expect to see an updated
update to be sent out in the next few days.

Source: Google Product Forums

Via: AndroidPolice


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