Instagram Brings Photo, Video Replies to Stories


is rolling out the ability to send video and photo replies to Stories this week, making the experience of Stories a bit more than just a one way street. For example, if you’re watching a friend’s Story and want to reply to something in particular, you can tap the camera button, shoot a reply, then get back to finishing the Story.

When you’re making your reply, you can make a photo, video or Boomerang, then access all of the same editing tools as you’re used to. It’s a complete and fully editable replying option.

If you’re the one who sent the Story and someone replied to it, you can find the messages inside of the Direct Inbox from the main screen in the app.

Here’s the rundown straight from Instagram.

  • To reply to a story, simply tap the camera button while watching a story.
  • Capture a photo, video, or boomerang and add any creative tools you’d like. Once you hit “Send” you can continue watching stories.
  • Replies to your story appear in your Direct inbox as always. Photo and video replies are highlighted in blue and disappear once you view them.

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