How to enable Parental Control on iPhone and iPad

You don’t have to hover over your children’s shoulders, watching their every move, in order to keep them safe. Apple has a number of parental control features for the Mac to help protect them as they browse the internet, use apps, and play games. You can even set time limits for your little ones’ computer activities so they don’t overuse their allotted screen time. Here’s how to set up and manage Parental controls on your Mac.

We will start with the iPhone and iPad :

Enable the Restrictions Feature

Step 1 : Open the device settings.

Step 2 : Tap General and then Restrictions.


Tap Enable Restrictions.

Step 4: now you will be asked to add a passcode (Make sure you remember it).

Configure the Restrictions

The first section of allowable apps and services is for default apps installed on your device. This includes items like Safari, FaceTime, and the iTunes Store. Just slide the button from green to gray to disable the ones you want to disallow.

You will also notice three settings for allowing the installing and deleting of apps along with in-app purchase ability. So, be sure to disable these as needed.

Allowed Content – Decide What Content Is Okay

The Allowed Content area includes eight different categories including movies, TV shows, and websites. Each category has different settings, so you should review each one separately. Websites

The final category for Websites offers three settings to choose from for All Websites, Limit Adult Content, or Specific Websites Only. Changing Your Passcode

To change your Restrictions passcode, head back to your Settings and disable Restrictions using your current passcode. Then, tap to Enable Restrictions once again and set a new passcode.

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