Stylus, NodeJS and Nodemon

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im using stylus to my nodejs application (not express, just plain node).
Im also using nodemon
to monitor changes and apply them without restarting my app.
I have a little sh script that runs my app:


if [ -f style/*styl ]; then
  echo "Building *styl..."
  node_modules/stylus/bin/stylus -c style/*styl
echo "Running src/app/index.js..."
nodemon src/index.js

As you can see, the scripts compiles the stylus into css if found before running the application.
Is this the correct way of compiling stylus styles? Or should I use the js library within my code?

Also, as It gets compiled before running the application, changing the *styl won't get reflected without restarting the application, obviously.

Any way to achieve this? To set stylus to compile when the file is changed without restarting app?

Problem courtesy of: jviotti


When you run the express
binary it bootstraps a Node.js
/ Express application for you. In its app.js
Stylus gets referenced and activated as a middleware.

The way Stylus is configured in this scenario causes .styl
files to automatically (!) recompile to .css
files once they are changed.

So no need to manually do anything.

PS: Stylus and Express - stylesheets are not re-compiled when modified
may be of interest to you.

Solution courtesy of: Golo Roden

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