商业早报- 2022年12月4日 星期日 报告:2023年全球经济增长将达2.8%

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Business Morning Post: Sunday, December 4, 2022

Commercial segment:

1, tengxunyun announced the establishment of the sea ecological alliance, flying book deep promise, joint information, etc. to join

2. Tesla delivered the first batch of electric semi-trailer trucks Semi to PepsiCo, with a full load of over 800 kilometers.

3. Trademark Office of the State Intellectual Property Office: Cracking down on malicious cybersquatting of World Cup hot word trademarks

4, the CSRC agreed to the Guangzhou Futures Exchange to carry out industrial silicon futures and options trading.

5. Cainiao Announces “double 11” Dragon and Tiger List of Tao Department, Yuantong Ranked First in Express Industry in Comprehensive Score

6, the same journey: “hot spring” heat week-on-week growth of nearly 50%, Fujian users in the soup enthusiasm to lead the country

7. Dongfeng Fengfeng announced that it would stop production of fuel vehicles within five years and invest 20 billion yuan in new energy in the next eight years.

8. Report: Global economic growth will reach 2.8% in 2023

9, oil prices or the biggest drop since the second half of the year, 92 gasoline is expected to return to the 7 yuan era.

10, WeChat keyboard online clipboard function, support custom, up to 3 months

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11. BYD: Cumulative Sales of Han Series Reaches 400,000 Vehicles

12. Survey shows a surge in the number of Japanese companies that have recently gone bankrupt due to the depreciation of the yen.

National segment:

1. Many countries have proposed to send astronauts to participate in the Chinese space station mission

2. Refusing rumors! News such as “full liberalization from tomorrow” in Beijing is false news. Many places optimize travel policies and Beijing will cancel 48-hour nucleic acid for buses and subways from next week.

3. Many “four types of drugs” are no longer registered to upload customer information

4, before the end of the year to achieve the basic coverage of express privacy sheet

5. Nanning, Guangxi: Men Sentenced to Two and a Half Years for Felling Trees

6, Hunan: women after marriage was disqualified from the distribution of land funds, the court: damage to rights and interests, the same right to distribution.

7. Ningbo, Zhejiang: A 23-year-old woman with abdominal pain and fainting was diagnosed with advanced bowel cancer. Diet structure is the main factor inducing bowel cancer.

8, experts said that the virulence of Omi Keron has been seasonal cold level, we should not panic too much;

9. Nature Global Survey: Nearly half of graduate students want to abandon their studies due to lack of money; Many places have announced the number of applicants for the 2023 postgraduate entrance examination.

10. Chongqing does not need to do nucleic acid. Chongqing suggests to do nucleic acid at wrong peak as much as possible.

11, self-directed and self-acted! The man took his 18,000 yuan computer and falsely claimed that he had not been sentenced.

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