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Last week, I broke the news that I am joining the team at SentryOne as a Product Manager. Over the next two weekends, I'll be speaking at two different SQLSaturday events: Louisville and Columbus. These will be my first two community events after joining the SentryOne team, and I have a big favor to ask. If you'll be at either event, I want to talk to you — and not just at my sessions. I want to have some one-on-one conversations with users.

As Product Manager, one of my key responsibilies is to identify how to make our product better. One of the factors in identifying "how to make the product better" is listening to feedback from you , the customer. If you're going to be at either SQLSaturday Louisville or SQLSaturday Columbus , I would love to have a 5-minute conversation with you and get your blunt and honest feedback about our products. Find me, say hello, introduce yourself, and let's chat.

If you want to chat, you can follow me on Twitter , or if you want to set up a rendez-vous in advance, you can DM me on Twitter , orsend me an email.

Who do I want to talk to?

If you have hands-on experience withany of our products, and want to give me some feedback, then I want to talk with you. Beyond that, there are two groups of people I'm really interested in hearing from:

  • Anyone who evaluated the SentryOne monitoring platform, whether you decided to buy or not.
  • Anyone who is (or used to be) a regular user of the SentryOne monitoring platform.

What do I want to talk about?

I want to keep it simple. I have just a few questions that I'd love for you to answer.

  • What are the features you love the most?
  • Is there something about the product you wish were different, or a feature that you think is missing?
  • If you did an evaluation, how did it go?
  • If you're a regular user, tell me a story about how SentryOne helped you solve a problem.

(OK, that last one isn't a question…)

Hopefully that just takes 2-5 minutes of your time, then you can get back to networking & learning at the event.

Oh yea, come to my sessions, too!

In Louisville I'll be giving my Shortcuts from an impatient DBA session. This one is chock full of SSMS & Windows shortcuts. I guarantee that everyone will learn at least one thing, or your money back. (This guarantee only applicable at free events.)

In Columbus, I'll be teaching folks How to get your dream job . Working for SentryOne is my dream job, and I'll talk about how I've gotten to be where I am, and give some advice to help you get your dream job, too.

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