商业早报- 2022年11月6日 星期日 微信广告推出微信搜索结果广告,满足广告主在搜索场景下的营销诉求

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2、浙江杭州25岁小伙长期挖鼻孔形成血管瘤 :鼻血像流水,半小时止不住








10、山东菏泽一父母都想放弃12岁儿子抚养权 法院:母亲状况更好,应抚养孩子

Business Morning Post: Sunday, November 6, 2022

Business segment:

1. WeChat advertisement launches WeChat search result advertisement to meet the marketing demands of advertisers in search scenarios

2.2022 Ctrip Gourmet Forest’s “Global Restaurant Selection List” was officially released, with 7026 restaurants on the list.

3. High-tech consumer goods have become a hot spot for consumption in Tmall double 11.24 Tmall brands have landed in Yunqi Conference for the first time.

4. Douyin e-commerce “Mountain Goods Headlines” Launches “Flavor Gansu” Online Agricultural Assistance Zone to Promote Local Agricultural Products Sales

5. Ministry of Education: Strengthen the supervision of pre-charging of off-campus education and training institutions, and carry out nationwide self-correction and self-examination work

6. China Association for Science and Technology and Ministry of Education: The “Talent Program” will be launched in 2023, with plans to train more than 1700 outstanding middle school students.

7. Meta-Universe Industry Committee: No virtual currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum shall be used as pricing and settlement tools for digital collection issuance transactions.

8. The number of users of paid study rooms will double. How to expand the business model of paid study rooms has attracted much discussion.

9. Tencent WiFi Butler stopped serving on December 1 due to business adjustment

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National segment:

1. Starting from November, many nucleic acid testing fees will be charged, and many people will have the lowest 3 yuan/person-time for mixed testing.

2. A 25-year-old boy in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, has been picking his nose for a long time to form hemangioma: nosebleed is like running water, which cannot be stopped for half an hour.

3. Teachers in many middle schools were blasted by online classes. In severe cases, four or five “blasting hands” opened wheat insults at the same time.

4. Official refutation of rumors! “Urumqi will be sealed for another three months” is false information

5, personal pension funds account assets can be inherited.

6. The State Council’s Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism reports complaints against violations of the “Nine Prohibitions. Daqing, Heilongjiang, Taiyuan, Shanxi: Forced to Advise People to Low Risk Areas; Yuncheng, Shanxi, Zhengzhou, Henan: Expand the scope of restricted travel areas at will; Shenzhen, Guangdong: Expand the scope of isolation and control risk groups at will; Bijie, Guizhou, Nanchong, Sichuan: Charges for Isolation Places; Zhengzhou, Henan: Random and Silent City Sealing Instead of Control; Individual Areas: Code-assigned pop-up windows restrict people’s travel

7, Japan’s largest egg production area outbreak of bird flu, Japan culled more than a million laying hens

8. Jiangbei, Chongqing: Men Steal 16 Tons of Rollers to Sell Scrap Iron for Profits in 32000 yuan

9. Affected by global climate change, Alexandria, Egypt’s second largest city, is in danger of being “swallowed” by sea water.

10. A parent in Heze, Shandong wants to give up custody of his 12-year-old son. Court: The mother is in better condition and should raise her child.

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