全国早报- 2022年10月10日 星期一 我国近2.5亿人患高血压;我国青年人群高血压患病率超10%

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National Morning Post: Monday, October 10, 2022

1. Next year’s Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays are expected to be closed for 9 consecutive days: 2023 will still be seven legal holidays, namely New Year’s Day, Spring Festival, Qingming Festival, Labor Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day. Among them, the Mid-Autumn Festival is on September 29, the same day or Friday. In theory, it is a holiday from 29 to 1001, which will coincide with the National Day holiday. Therefore, in practice, the holiday should be from 29 to 7, with a total of 9 days, and work starts on Sunday, October 8.

2. The female doctor handed over her millions of savings to her sister and it was difficult to get back: decades of sisterhood was lost.

3. Hangzhou: The take-out staff revealed that the pet dog in the back of the light food store was licking the take-out food, and the store was fined 15,000 yuan.

4. The women in Yantai, Shandong, drove 400 miles to Yantai overnight to fish for sea intestines: when they went there, they found that everyone did not sleep and drove to the sea. Yantai haikai people fish more than 1,000 catties of sea sausage a night.

5. Shanghai will assign red codes to five categories of personnel. Please actively cooperate when receiving the prompt text message: first, the positive and mixed-up personnel; The second is confirmed cases, asymptomatic infected persons and suspected cases. The third is close contact and close connection. Fourth, inbound personnel who are carrying out centralized or home isolation medical observation; Fifth, spillover personnel with a history of living in Senior high school risk areas.

6. The banned language for Beijing’s government service is set to be standardized, and “Didn’t I say that” is set to be listed

7. Liuzhou, Guangxi: When a woman travels to a wedding, she eats local delicacies with a red envelope of 200 yuan. The new couple is warmly invited.

8. State Intellectual Property Office: As of September, the valid number of patents issued in our country was 4.081 million.

9. Nearly 0.25 billion people in my country suffer from hypertension; the prevalence of hypertension among young people in my country exceeds 10%

10. China’s tallest tree is 83.4 meters-“China’s tallest tree” Yunnan yellow fruit fir, which is equivalent to 28 stories high: after climbing tree collection and investigation, more than 50 kinds of higher plants have been found on China’s highest tree, including climbing plants, epiphytes, parasitic plants, etc., creating a new climbing and collection record for China’s giant trees

11. In 2022, the Chengdu World Table Tennis Championships ended the men’s team final. The Chinese team defeated the German team 3-0 to win the championship. Achieving 10 consecutive championships in the men’s team of the World Table Tennis Championships, this is also the 2 2nd time the men’s team has won the World Table Tennis Championships

12. Russian media: Crimea Bridge Railway Bridge resumes opening to traffic; Russia claims that the Ukrainian army shelled four villages and towns in Belgorod Oblast; Ukraine claims that it has seized 7 settlements in Luhansk

Health: Set multiple alarm clocks for getting up or cause chronic fatigue. Many office workers and students worry that they can’t get up in the morning, so they will set multiple alarm clocks. Some people even let the alarm clock ring every five minutes. However, this habit is not friendly to the body. Studies have shown that setting multiple alarm clocks will cause chronic fatigue to people. Long-term fatigue will not only reduce work efficiency, but also induce diseases. The doctor also suggested that getting up as soon as the alarm clock rings is more helpful to develop regular sleep habits. In addition, lack of sleep is also an important factor that makes it difficult for some people to get up. Therefore, maintaining good living habits is also a key factor in saying goodbye to the difficulty of getting up.

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