CoreOS (YC S13) is hiring a distributed datastore engineer in San Francisco

CoreOS is looking for senior distributed systems engineer to work on etcd, a distributed reliable key-value store for the most critical system data.

etcd is one of the most popular open source projects in distributed systems, with over a thousand related projects on GitHub and a fast-growing and excited [community of users][]. Notably etcd is the primary data store of the Kubernetes API Server and powers the the persistence, high availability, event stream, and locking services of Kubernetes.

Primary Responsibilities:

– Coding features, enhancements, and bug fixes in all areas of the project, ranging from the client’s user interface to CoreOS’s implementation of the Raft algorithm

– Interacting and engaging with the open source community, helping users and shepherding contributions

– Working with some of the largest etcd users, such as Kubernetes project, to drive etcd to the next level of scale

Relevant skills/experience include:

– Practical knowledge of C/C++, Go, or other system level languages.

– Experience in designing and implementing reliable distributed systems

– Ability to clearly communicate your technical ideas via written documentation and public presentations

– Experience in testing and debugging complex systems

– Contribution to open source projects

As with all engineering roles at CoreOS, we expect you’ll be emphatic about good development practices: code review and writing tests should be your second nature. Prior experience running databases in high-volume or high-scale production environments is highly desirable.

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