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1. General Administration of Market Supervision: Vaccines and others are not allowed to be sold online. The real-name system is implemented for online sales of prescription drugs. The new regulations will come into effect in December this year;

2. National Railway Group: From September 1, the national railway department will fully promote electronic ticket replacement;

3, the Central Meteorological Observatory: super typhoon “Xuan Lan Nuo” is expected to affect the East China Sea, Zhejiang offshore large to huge waves;

4. Henan: Zhengzhou, Kaifeng, Luoyang, Pingdingshan, Xuchang, Luohe, Xinxiang, Jiaozuo and Jiyuan have realized mutual recognition and loan of housing provident fund;

5. Anhui Province publicly solicits opinions: unmarried persons may apply for birth registration with ID cards, and are no longer subject to marriage registration restrictions, and personal births are no longer linked to enrollment and employment;

6. Implementation of Beijing Housing Rental Regulations: Starting from September 1, rental housing also needs to be signed online and registered;

7. In the early morning of the 1st, a landslide occurred in Hongya Village, Weiyuan Town, Haidong City, Qinghai, causing 6 deaths and 1 loss of contact. Two policemen died in the line of duty. Local village cadres: There has been much rain recently and mountain torrents have been caused;

8. Hong Kong media: more than 10 guns were shot in 2 days, mainland drones flew into the norm, and Taiwan troops urgently deployed snipers to Mazu, Kinmen;

9. Hong Kong: People arriving from the Mainland and Macao via the Airport do not need to wait for nucleic acid test results on site from September 3;

10, the Federal Reserve taper doubled this month, 2-year U.S. bond yields rose above 3.5%, a new high since 2007;

11. Unexplained pneumonia has occurred in Argentina. Up to now, 6 people have been ill, of which 2 have died. The patients are bilateral pneumonia, excluding new crown and influenza;

12. Lukoil, Russia, announced that the chairman of the board of directors had died of a serious illness. Russian media said that he “fell to death in the hospital” and law enforcement agencies said that he committed suicide;

13. White House: G7 will discuss price limits on Russian oil; Russia: will stop supplying oil and products to companies or countries that have capped their oil prices, as Russia will not work under non-market conditions;

14. Poland asked Germany to provide nearly 1.3 trillion US dollars as World War II compensation. Nearly $500 billion more than previously estimated. Polish Prime Minister: “Without truth and compensation”, there can be no real reconciliation between Poland and Germany;

15. The United States requested NVIDIA and AMD, two American companies, to stop exporting two top-level computing chips to China and Russia. Ministry of Foreign Affairs: The United States tried to maintain its technological hegemony and was doomed to failure;

[Wei Yu] When no one helps you, stand up straight. When no one helps you, you should work hard. Believe in yourself, as long as you are brave enough, there is no hardship that you cannot endure.

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