Toshiba Unveil Workflow Optimising xPick on dynaEdge AR Glasses

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New offering on Toshiba AR glasses uses Ubimax Frontline software

Toshiba’s assisted reality smart glass dynaEdge range just got a big boost to its industrial logistics offering with the arrival of xPick software on their devices.

xPick is a product of Ubimax , a company that specialises in enterprise AR solutions and are now working in partnership with Toshiba.

Toshiba’s dynaEdge DE-100 and AR100 Viewer smart glasses operate on a Windows 10 OS and are designed to integrate with an organisation’s existing computer systems.

The inclusion of xPick capabilities means that users working in a warehouse setting can scan barcodes, have product location assistance and use voice confirmations to run through checklists.

Speaking to Computer Business Review, Nick Offin Toshiba’s Head of Sales said: “From an engineering perspective; boiler engineers conducting an annual service could use Assisted Reality smart glasses to call up the schematics of the boiler to enable a hands-free view of service procedures.”

“In manufacturing, smart glasses can enable workers to access detailed specifications or instructions in real-time – ensuring greater manufacturing precision, reducing any errors, and creating a more efficient overall process.”

Also speaking to Computer Business Review Maki Yamashita, Senior VP of PC & Solutions added that the dynaEdge DE-100, and Assisted Reality AR100 Viewer smart glasses are a: “First-of-a-kind wearable solution. They enable next-level workflow and efficiency optimisation for frontline workers.”

Workflow Optimising

DynaEdge devices can use Ubimax’s suite of workflow optimising software for enterprise.

Workers gain assistance through the headset in preforming tasks such as manual order picking, inventory management and sorting. New orders and tasks can be relayed to a worker though a video or image on the heads up display.

Jan Junker, Chief Commercial Officer for Ubimax said: “We’ve really responded to market demand by further enhancing industrial workflows with the expanded level of smart glass solutions we’re running on the Windows platform.”

Commenting to us Mr Yamashita explained Toshiba’s new business strategy: “In 2016 we announced Toshiba would no longer sell to the consumer PC market in region to concentrate on the B2B PC market.”

“In that time Toshiba Client Solutions Company also underwent a transformation, the division now sits as a wholly owned subsidiary under Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation, creating a more agile business that fosters creativity and encourages a start-up culture that is so important to continuing our heritage in innovation.”


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