Lodgify closes €4.25M Series A to expand vacation rental SaaS platform

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Barcelona-based vacation rental SaaS platform Lodgify raises €4.25 million in Series A to take on new hires and expand its platform offerings from SMEs to enteprises, similar to Shopify.

Lodgify is focused on building direct channel technology which empowers vacation rental owners and property managers to create a professional website and grow direct bookings, free from commissions.

With the latest funding from Nauta Capital , HOWZAT Partners, Business Angels, and Intermedia Vermögensverwaltung, the vacation rental SaaS platform will now look to expand its team and boost its product development department.

Marco De Gregorio

“Our vision is to make our direct channel technology accessible to any lodging business, no matter the size or segment,” said Lodgify Co-Founder and CTO Marco De Gregorio , in a statement to the press.

“Similar to how Shopify evolved, from a software for entrepreneurs to also cater to enterprise clients, in the future, Lodgify will continue to be used by small-to-medium sized vacation rental operators, and also by large enterprise-level hotel chains who want to run their entire website on our platform,” he added.

Following this investment, Lodgify will welcome Stephan Marzen from Intermedia Vermögensverwaltung and COO, Alex Vuilleumier, to the board. The Barcelona startup has raised €6.2 million to date.

Beyond the direct channel, the company is also dedicated to building deep connectivity to the largest booking portals, such as its API integrations with Booking.com and Airbnb.

Dennis Klett

“Lodgify stands out from other software players because of our razor-sharp product focus,” said CEO and Co-Founder Dennis Klett .

“We are not a Property Management System which typically focuses on on-site administrative tasks. Instead, our software enables our users to easily build and grow their own online booking channel,” he added.

Lodgify’s multi-channel platform provides seamless, advanced connections which make it easy for lodging operators to start their business and receive bookings – both from external sources and their own websites.

Jordi Viñas

“What really strikes us about Lodgify’s product is that, while other software players in this space solely focus on large, established property managers, Lodgify’s self-service software addresses the needs of both individual vacation rental owners and property management businesses,” said Jordi Viñas , partner at Nauta Capital.

Nauta Capital is a pan-European Venture Capital firm investing in early-stage technology companies and operating from two main hubs: London and Barcelona. Main areas of interest include B2B Software propositions, disruptive Digital Media companies, and enabling technologies for Mobile and the Internet. Nauta has $300+ million under management and invests in Western Europe and the USA.

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