Put an icon between the two divs

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place a div inside another div keeping spaces between the two div

I've placed one div inside another div (main_content inside content). I want to have some spaces between the two divs, I tried using padding property but the main_content filled all the spaces of content div. How can I make main_content div fit insid

Jquery switches between the two divs

I'm new to jQuery and trying to work out how to achieve the following... I have two div shown below, I want group div to show on load but not single div then onclick of group or single I need toggle between the two. How can this be done. This is what

Extract text between the two anchor tags using sed, grep, or awk

King Leonidas of Sparta and a force of 300 men fight the Persians at Thermopylae in 480 B.C.

I want

Add the space between the two icons for all resolutions

I have one static row with two icons ion-email and ion-compose. In my demo there is no space between the icons. I need to add some but it must work for all resolutions.

<a class="item item-icon-right" href=&

How to align two images on the same line without space between the two with Bootstrap

I have two images that I would like to place on the same line with bootstrap. This is image one And this is Image two Basically what I want to achieve with bootstrap is this This the code I have used so far

<div class=

What is the difference between the two types of getView () implementation?

Can anyone please explain what's the difference between the two kinds of getView() implementation? The first one simply check if the convertView is null; if it's null, inflate a new View object. Then set the sub-Views with proper values. @Override pu

Entity Framework: & ldquo; The relationship between the two objects can not be defined because they are attached to different ObjectContext objects. & Rdquo;

I have this code (VS2010 ASP.NET MVC 3 with EF 4): Project project = new Project(); project.Number = number; project.Name = name; context.AddObject(project); ProjectUser projectUser = new ProjectUser(); projectUser.User = user; projectUser.Status = 1

What is the difference between the two statements?

I create the object using two statements , is there any difference between the two ? public interface vehicle { void accelerate () ; } class bmw implements vehicle { void accelerate () { System.out.println (" top speed of 300kmph " ) ; } } publi

Android - To measure the time between the two button buttons

I have a button named Check In. My aim is on click to change the text and start counting the time. The timer has to stop at the next click. It should give the time taken between the two button clicks.On the first click create a variable: long startTi

The execution of the Python script in PHP and the exchange of data between the two

Is it possible to run a Python script within PHP and transferring variables from each other ? I have a class that scraps websites for data in a certain global way. i want to make it go a lot more specific and already have pythons scripts specific to

AutoMapper: Mapping between the two collections with 'Ignore'

I'm using AutoMapper to map between the two collections. What I see is that the option Ignore is not working at this scenario as expected. What i'm expecting can be see in the method AutoMapperIgnore_TwoObjectMappedWithIgnoreId_SameWithUnchangedIdAnd

QSplitter displays a divisor or a margin between the two widgets

I have a QSplitter and two widgets on either side, but I want to be able to have a margin, so that there is a clear transition between the two widgets. I looked in QSplitter and QSplitterHandle but dont see any explicit way of doing this. How do I ad

What is the difference between the two command lines? (Segfault)

I have written a code that maps to a shared memory location,so that the first program opens a shared memory block and stores some data in it.And the second program reads the shared data. Whats the difference between the two command lines: 1. if(argc<

Is there a way to share variables between the two functions in hover () in jquery without using global variables?

My code looks like this: quickbarcolor = $("#quick-bar a").css("color"); $("#quick-bar a").hover(function () { if ($(this).css("color") != quickbarcolor) quickbarcolorhover = $(this).css("color"); V$(this)

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