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I would like share some of the resources which was useful for me while learning Angular and continue to give more insights in to the platform.

There are many experts in the Community & from the Angular team which share lot of in depth information which helps us understanding the platform better and implement it correctly in our projects.

Visual Studio Code – Angular’s favorite editor

Download –
Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is an open source editor which makes your learning Angular more easier and joyful with it’s powerful Intellisense and extensions. It has got native support to Typescript and writing code in this editor is such a breeze.

Angular expert John Papa
has blogged useful VS Code extensions for Angular
and highly recommended to install those.


Before jumping on to Angular, one should have some knowledge on Typescript. Microsoft
has written very handy handbook
and it covers the language features. Apart from this, Angular University
has a blog post
which has curated information which gives quick overview of the Typescript and it’s advantages in video’s mode.


maintained by Angular team and they’re updating it with more relevant information constantly. It’s PWA
(Progressive Web App) and it’s loads faster. I always stick this site to my desktop for quick reference of the API’s.

Angular In Depth
is maintained by Max also known as

who has blogged valuable information about Angular and I highly recommend to subscribe to his medium. Personally, I learnt got to know more in depth information on Angular features like – Change Detection
, Ng Zones
, Dynamic Component Loading
, Library creation

Angular Training Book
by Rangle.io
which gives quick overview of Angular and all it’s features from ECMAScript
, Typescript, Angular, rxjs, Jasmine Unit test cases etc.,

Demos With Angular
YouTube channel by Stephen Fluin,
core developer on Angular Team who share short bytes of best practices of using Angular. Highly recommended to watch those quick short videos to catch up on learning Angular in depth.

Rxjs – Reactive Programming

Angular is mix of technologies and the important one is rxjs
(This is a beta site which is mich more cleaner than the previous one looks similar to Angular.io
). It’s offers reactive programming with the help of Observables
. Wait… Observables
… I know promises What’s Observables? You can check this cool YouTube video
by Jeremy Lund.
It has many operators which you can apply on the Observables and you can learn here – Learn Rxjs
with much more simple way!


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