Swift downcasting array of objects

综合编程 2018-06-24

import Foundation

class A: NSObject {


class B: A {


let array = [B(),B(),B(),B()]

array as? [A] //this does not works

B() as? A // this works

is a conditional downcasting
operation (which can fail, and therefore returns an optional) – and you're trying to upcast
(which can never fail, and therefore you can do freely).

You therefore can just use as
in order to freely upcast the array – or rely on type inference, as Casey notes.

let arrayOfB = [B(),B(),B(),B()]

let arrayOfA = arrayOfB as [A] // cast of [B] to [A] via 'as'

let explicitArrayOfA : [A] = arrayOfB // cast of [B] to [A] via inference of explicit type 

func somethingThatExpectsA(a:[A]) {...}

somethingThatExpectsA(arrayOfB) // implicit conversion of [B] to [A]

Although the compiler's error of A is not a subtype of B
is certainly unhelpful in the context. A more suitable error (or maybe just a warning) could be 'as?' will always succeed in casting '[B]' to '[A]' – did you mean to use 'as'?

You should also note that for your example:

B() as? A // this works

You'll get a compiler warning saying Conditional cast from 'B' to 'A' always succeeds
. Although why
you get a compiler warning, rather than error for this – I can't say. I suspect it's due to the special way in which array casting happens.

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