Make a unique application in Qt

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Integrating c ++ code into python makes your python application faster?

Does embedding c++ code in python using ctypes, boost.python, etc make your python application faster? Suppose I am making an application in pygtk and I need some functions which need to be fast. So if I use c++ for certain tasks in my application wi

How to register a student, using a unique application number for running Several browsers like Chrome, Firefox in the selenium Webdriver

Scenario: Unique application number(Zee1106) using to enroll students and running testng for Multiple browsers(parallel) like chrome, firefox in selenium webdriver. In the above scenario, I have run the test suite,first browser(chrome) enrolled succe

Make an Android application using the database

First of all, even I have basic knowledge about Java thanks to my college, I have not written a code before. I really do not know where I should start. I want to make a quiz application and I know there are lots of sources for that app outside but wh

Best program to make a mobile application (Android, iPhone and others)

i try for a few time now to make app for mobiles with appmobi XDK phoneGap XDK from appmobi, sencha and appcelerator but except iphone where the app works ok in android mobiles doesn't work well. Any other program except these or any tricks for make

How to make a window application in ANSI C?

Until now I've been only writing console applications but I need to write a simple window application for a school assignment. Could somebody point me to a good tutorial how to create windows and other ordinary windows elements such as buttons, 2d gr

How to make my C # application aware?

How can I make my C# applications self-aware? e.g. able to read and write its own code and decide whether or not to bother to execute your commands. Kindest RegardsHere are a couple libraries to check out. http://www.h

Index multiple MongoDB fields, make it unique

I've got a MongoDB database of metadata for about 300,000 photos. Each has a native unique ID that needs to be unique to protect against duplication insertions. It also has a time stamp. I frequently need to run aggregate queries to see how many phot

Is there a Postgres feature or built-in function that limits the display of uids to what is needed to make them unique?

It would have to return the portion necessary to uniquely identify the row even if a select statement didn't return all rows, of course, to be of any use. And I'm not sure how it would work if the uuid column were not part of a pk/index and was repea

Make a NodeJs application private on Heroku

I'm trying to make a NodeJS application on Heroku private so that only developers can see it. Is there a simply way to do that, like basic auth? (All of the solutions I keep finding are specific to Ruby apps).If you want to leverage basic authenticat

How to make an Android application on Eclipse IDE using Phonegap?

I want to make an Android Application On Eclipse IDE using Phonegap but dont the how to make it and find out online tutorials as well but they are not usefull if anyone can help me with this.Here is the step by step process. Every step is well explai

Problem about & ldquo; please make sure the application for the project (.wip) is installed & rdquo;

I have a very old plug-in software developed in Visual Basic quite years ago, now its getting time to modify the copyright info. At this point, the issue is now that I was not the author so I don't know anything about it. I have updated the source fi

Make the PyQt application the same on Windows and Linux

How can I make a PyQt5 application to look like the same when run on Windows, and Linux? I would prefer the Windows style on both systems. ThanksYou can call QApplication::setStyle("windows") before creating QApplication object to set a style by

How to make this javascript application accessible?

Im making an FTP client, which will rely a lot on javascript. When browsing through the files, you can navigate using the arrow keys. I add a class of .selected to the currently selected filename, but how can I make this clear to screenreaders? How d

How to make a unique pair list in Jinja?

I have a dictionary with array values coming from an Ansible vars file. ipfilter: zone1: - { application: "app 1", local_ip: } - { application: "app 1", local_ip: } - { application: "app 2", local_ip:

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