ExecJS :: RuntimeError in ChatRooms # show

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The issue I'm having:

This is my room.coffee file, and everything works well.

jQuery(document).on 'turbolinks:load', ->
  messages = $('#messages')
  if $('#messages').length > 0

    App.global_chat = App.cable.subscriptions.create {
        channel: "ChatRoomsChannel"
        chat_room_id: messages.data('chat-room-id')
      connected: ->
        # Called when the subscription is ready for use on the server

      disconnected: ->
        # Called when the subscription has been terminated by the server

      received: (data) ->
        # Data received

      send_message: (message, chat_room_id) ->
        @perform 'send_message', message: message, chat_room_id: chat_room_id
@import "bootstrap-sprockets";
@import "bootstrap";

#messages {
  max-height: 450px;
  overflow-y: auto;
  .avatar {
    margin: 0.5rem;

<div id="messages" data-chat-room-id="">

From 2 to 1000 characters

But it shows ExecJS::RuntimeError after I added the code down below in the same file.

$('#new_message').submit (e) ->
      $this = $(this)
      textarea = $this.find('#message_body')
      if $.trim(textarea.val()).length > 1
        App.global_chat.send_message textarea.val(), messages.data('chat-room-id')
      return false

I did search similar problems a lot, and most people who use pc encountered this issue. But I'm using mac, I have no idea why I got this error as well.

You need javascript runtime environment

Install node.js or add therubyracer gem

sudo apt-get install nodejs

ORAdd therubyracer gem in your Gemfile

gem 'therubyracer'
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