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React Native at Airbnb

You've almost certainly seen these posts flying around Twitter and other social networks this week, but did you read them? Or did you just scan the title and think "Oh I knew
React Native wasn't a good idea!" :grinning:

I'm not a huge fan of React Native myself, and obviously this isn't good
news for the technology, but Airbnb's decision is more subtle than you might first think. I'd suggest reading all five parts: 1
, 2
, 3
, 4
and 5

"iPhone Only" apps on the iPad

I agree with Ben Dodson that it's ridiculous that iPhone apps must
run on the iPad in phone mode. There's a minor, but significant improvement to the situation coming with iOS 12 though. :tada:

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iPad Navigation Bar and Toolbar Height Changes in iOS 12

Repeat after me, "I will never hard code the height of a navigation bar, tab bar or the status bar in my iOS apps". Then go and read Geoff Hackworth's article on some changes you may not have noticed. :grinning:


This new text styling library from Ryan Nystrom looks good. It not only assists with a flexible, concise way of building attributed strings but also provides a bitmap renderer (and an associated StyledTextView
to allow those bitmaps to easily end up in a view hierarchy). If you're struggling with performance when rendering lots
of attributed text in a table or collection view then you'll want to check this out.

On Apple's Love Affair With Swift

I loved this response to last week's post
by Stefan Lesser. It reminds us of the Chris Lattner interview
on ATP
and goes through the discussion points one by one. :+1:


No, this isn't anything to do with iOS 12! It's just a good looking framework from Stephen Radford for building a Messages style conversation view. It looks good by default, but is also customisable (just don't make it look like this
!) :joy:


How Apple can fix 3D Touch

Was the reason that 3D Touch was never adopted by developers because users didn't know it was there? Or did a luke warm reception from users prevent developers from putting in the time with it? This post by Eliz Kılıç suggests that it was because there was no obvious UI showing that 3D Touch was possible. I really like this idea.

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