Adobe is integrating PDF services directly into Microsoft Office 365

科技动态 2018-06-19

Microsoft and Adobe are extending their close partnership this week with the integration of Adobe PDF services into Office 365. Adobe’s PDF services will be available from the ribbon inside web versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Office 365 commercial users will be able to convert documents into PDFs all while preserving font choices, formatting, layouts, and password protection.

The PDF integration follows news of Microsoft’s plans to redesign its Office web apps
to be more modern and a lot faster to use. Microsoft is starting to test a simplified ribbon for
and its Office desktop apps, and Office on the web will now include avatars for comments and dedicated colors for participants who are also viewing and editing the same document.

Adobe worked with Microsoft on the PDF integration, following the company’s e-signature solution becoming preferred for Office 365 usage. Microsoft and Adobe have worked increasingly closely in recent years, and a closer partnership started around the time both companies teamed up to improve Photoshop on touchscreens
back in 2014. Adobe is also integrating its PDF services into OneDrive and SharePoint, alongside deeper integration in Microsoft’s Dynamics 365.

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