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尽管表情符号(Emoji)已经存在了数十年,但直到 2010 年代被 Android / iOS 移动操作系统给引入,其发展才走上了一条快车道。得益于允许人们用一种更形象的方式(而不仅仅是枯燥的文字)来传达情感,其已逐渐成为现在数字通讯过程中不可不缺的一环。有趣的是,在最近整理出的一份详细报告中,Crossword-Solver 又对世界各地的表情符号使用情况进行了分析汇总。


Twitter 平台为例,Crossword-Solver 统计出“笑哭”在 75 个市场区域都排名第一。与排名第二的红色爱心相比,前者领先幅度多达 19% 。



有趣的是,以绿色 Wordle 和“热情似火”为主题的表情符号,竟然也占据了少数几个州的头版。


最后,相信随着数字世界的不断发展、以及各大即时通讯 App 厂家的大力推动,表情符号的使用还会变得愈加受欢迎。

比如 Meta 旗下的 WhatsApp,就在近期更新的版本中推出了“反应表情符号”。而 Google 新推出的 Android 13 beta 2,也包含了对 Emoji Kitchen 的改进。

& nbsp;Twitter platform, for example, Crossword-Solver calculated that “laugh and cry” ranked first in 75 market regions. Compared with Red Love, which ranks second, the former leads by as much as 19%.

As for the American market, although the situation varies from state to state, the most commonly used emoji in general is “laugh and cry”.

Interestingly, emoticons with the themes of green Wordle and “passionate” have also dominated the front pages of a few states.

Finally, I believe that with the continuous development of the digital world and the strong promotion of the major instant messaging App manufacturers, the use of emoticons will become more and more popular.

WhatsApp, owned by Meta, for example, has launched “reactive emoticons” in a recently updated version. Google’s new Android 13 beta 2 also includes improvements to Emoji Kitchen.

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