SlimRoms puts out stable Slim7 build, first stable Nougat version

If you’re in the market for acustom ROM, you might want to give SlimRoms a look-see. The idea for SlimRoms is to provide a straightforward custom ROM that does not include any unneeded bloat, giving your OS freedom to zip along at great speed. That’s attractive enough for any Android uses, if you think about all the bloatware you get on your phones. They’ve finally put out a stable Nougat build – welcome Slim7 .

This is Slim7 version 1.0, SlimRoms’ first stable Nougat build. The great thing about SlimRoms is that it supports a lot of popular Android devices. The support list includes several HTC devices (Ome M7, One M8), some OnePlus devices (OnePlus One, OnePlus 2, OnePlus 3, OnePlus X), some ASUS ZenFone devices which are pretty difficult to match with custom ROMS, and a whole lot more. You can check out their download page here .

The Slim7 build comes with a huge list of changes and bug fixes. The highlight features are of course based on Nougat – built from the CM/Lineage sources. The new build also includes Stagefright protection for its plugins, so that’s always a good thing.

If you want to try out SlimRoms, we highly recommend that you know what you’re soing. By that we mean of course, unlocking the bootloader of your device, flashing a custom recovery, and flashing your custom ROM. Take some time to read up on that, before downloading the files you need from the source link below.

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