What Does the New JBoss EAP CD Release Stream Mean for Developers?

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A new release stream of Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform is now available: JBoss EAP continuous delivery (JBoss EAP CD).

JBoss EAP CD provides rapid incremental releases of new JBoss EAP capabilities approximately every quarter and is delivered only in Red Hat OpenShift image format.

What does this new JBoss EAP CD release stream mean for developers?

  • Faster access to new JBoss EAP features

    JBoss EAP CD is closely aligned with upstream WildFly development. New JBoss EAP features are introduced in JBoss EAP CD before they make it into the traditional JBoss EAP release stream.

  • Cloud-first JBoss EAP development

    JBoss EAP CD has a cloud-first focus. Because JBoss EAP CD is released only as OpenShift images, new JBoss EAP features are built for cloud environments from the start.

  • An enterprise Java application platform that is built for container-based workflows

    JBoss EAP CD enables you to develop your enterprise applications to use powerful OpenShift container workflows and features before they arrive in the traditional JBoss EAP release stream.

  • Free access to JBoss EAP CD images for development purposes

    Like traditional JBoss EAP releases, JBoss EAP CD is available in the Red Hat Developer Program . This means you can get free access to JBoss EAP CD images for development purposes.

JBoss EAP CD 12 is the first release in the new delivery stream. The JBoss EAP CD images are available in the Red Hat Container Catalog , and you can find the documentation for JBoss EAP CD on the Red Hat Customer Portal .

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