Php convert seconds to minutes: seconds only

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  • Convert one date format into another in PHP 12 answers

I am using this function to convert seconds to minutes:

function convert($iSeconds)
    return date('i:s', mktime(0, 0, $iSeconds));

It works great. But if I use this code:

echo convert(3605);

It returns 00:05
. But I need to return like this: 60:05


You can't use mktime()
or strtotime()
for this kind of conevrsions. You can calculate this manually. You can try this -

function convert($iSeconds)
   $min = intval($iSeconds / 60);
   return $min . ':' . str_pad(($iSeconds % 60), 2, '0', STR_PAD_LEFT);

echo convert(7205);



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