Podcast: Serverless and the Serverless Framework with David Wells

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The Serverless Framework is quickly becoming one of the more popular frameworks used in managing serverless deployments. David Wells, an engineer working on the framework, talks with Wes Reisz about serverless adoption and the use of the open source Serverless Framework.

On this week’s podcast, the two dive into what it looks like to use the tool, the development experience, why a developer might want to consider a tool like the serverless framework, and finally wraps up with what the tool offers in areas like CI/CD, canaries, and blue/green deployment.

Key Takeaways

  • Serverless allows you to focus on the core business functionality and less on the infrastructure required to run your systems.
  • Serverless Framework allows you to simplify the amount of configuration you need for each cloud provider (for example, you can automate much of the configuration required for CloudFormation with AWS)
  • Serverless Framework is an open source CLI tool that supports all major cloud providers and several on-prem solutions for managing serverless functions.
  • The serverless space has room to grow in offering a local development space. Much of the workflow today involves frequent deploy and scoping the deployment for different stages.
  • Serverless Framework is open source and invites contributions from the community.



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