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Google says it has fused billions of & quot; images of quot; to create this immersive view that allows users to explore an area through visual soaring to see what it might look like. For example, if you are planning a trip to London, you can use this feature to view landmarks such as Big Ben or Westminster to better understand the place, local life experience and exciting buildings. Users can also use the & quot; time Slider & quot; to adjust how the area looks at different times of the day-a feature similar to Apple Maps’ night mode, activating moonlight at dusk, even when browsing 3D cities.

Google’s immersive mode will also allow users to query local weather and traffic conditions to help with planning. This new model will not just stay in a more immersive view of major cities-it will also make it easier for people to explore internal places, including nearby restaurants and other popular places.

Users will be able to glide to the street level and click to see the interior of where they might want to go. This can help people figure out what kind of atmosphere a restaurant might have, etc., and can also see the busy level of the area and the traffic situation nearby from this floor.

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