Network Programming from Scratch

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Featured on: May 27, 2018

  • Confident at Answering Networking Related Question.
  • Open up opportunities to Networking/System programming Companies.
  • Learn Linux System programming side by side.
  • Build Github portfolio, strengthen your employability.
  • Decorate your Resume with projects done in this Course.
  • This course is about strengthening the Networking concepts and fundamentals with assignments and projects side by side with theory. Through this course you will be able to : 1. Understand the Functioning of TCP/IP Stack (OSI Model). Understand the function of each layer in TCP/IP stack in good detail. 2. Explain the L2 and L3 routing 3. Understand various ways to design a Linux TCP/UDP server program in C 4. Understand Socket programming in C 5. Reason Socket programming and Networking interview Questions 6. Understand the Networking devices functioning - L2 switch and L3 router We Understand - Networking by its nature is inclined towards being a theoretical subject of study. To arouse the interest of the students ,we elaborate each and every topic of this course through an assignment or project.

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