Weekly Node.js Update – #21 – 05.25, 2018

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Below you can findRisingStack's collection of the most important Node.js news, updates, projects & tutorials from this week:

Node v10.2.1 (Current) Released

This is a follow up release to fix two regressions that were introduced in v10.2.0.

  • http:
    • fix res emit close before user finish (Robert Nagy)
  • src:
    • re-integrate headers into node.h (Anna Henningsen)
  • test:
    • mark test-zlib.zlib-binding.deflate as flaky (Matheus Marchini)

How to Make Up Your Mind Between Node.js and Python

Are you thinking about how to build the backend of your web application? Read on for a comparison of Node.js and Python to decide which one is a better fit for you.

Training: Designing Microservice Architectures - Berlin

If you’d like to learn how to break down a monolith into microservices, join us at our 2-days Designing Microservice Architectures training in Berlin, on June 14th-15th.

A Sneak Peek into the JS Interactive Schedule

JS Interactive conference is an expansion of Node.js Interactive bringing the wider Node.js and JavaScript communities together to collaborate, network, and learn. It will take place in Vancouver, between October 10-12. Get a sneak peek into the program here .

How to Make a Real-Time Sports Application Using Node.js

By reading this post, you can learn how to make a web application to display live game scores from, say, the NHL. The scores will update automatically as the games progress.

Build Secure Node Authentication with Passport.js and OpenID Connect

This article walks you through the steps of using identity provider of choice (Okta) with the generic passport-openidconnect package to build secure Node authentication and user management!

How to Watch for Files Changes in Node.js

In this article, you’ll learn how to watch for file changes in Node.js using a real IoT project as a learning context. Explore a few techniques for watching files and ultimately arrive at the best solution.

Getting Started With Ripple (XRP) and Node.js

Learn using the ripple-lib package from this article, to transfer XRP between two accounts on Ripple's XRP Test Net.

Quickstart: How to use Azure Redis Cache with Node.js

This tutorial helps you to get started with Azure Redis Cache using Node.js with this article.

Previously Node.js Updates:

In the previous Weekly Node.js Update , we collected great articles, like

  • Node v8.11.2 (LTS) is released;
  • Creating a chat with Node.js from scratch;
  • An SQLite Tutorial with Node.js;
  • Node.js Docker workflow;

& more...

We help you to stay up-to-date with Node.js on a daily basis too. Check out ourNode.js news page and its Twitter feed !

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