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在今天凌晨结束的 I/O 主题演讲末尾,Google 展示了最新的 AR 眼镜。秉承着“Build to Help”的理念,这款 AR 眼镜能够给视力障碍患者提供很大的帮助,关键功能是将眼前事物转换为支持自然语言的语音。



虽然硅谷的很大一部分人都在大力投资使 AR 眼镜成为现实,但到目前为止,还没有人提出一个真正的AR"杀手级"应用,让你忽略该技术固有的各种隐私问题。实时翻译口语肯定会是一个杀手锏功能。



目前尚不清楚这款概念产品在转换为真实商品会有哪些变化,也不清楚具体的效果如何。这款概念产品可能是 1 月报道过的 Project Iris 产物,但不排除其他项目的可能。

在主题演讲中,Google 首席执行官桑达尔·皮查伊(Sundar Pichai)强调了公司对 AR 的关注。根据他所说的,该公司似乎认为 AR 可以存在于许多智能手机无法实现的地方。


While a large part of Silicon Valley is investing heavily in making AR glasses a reality, so far no one has proposed a real AR” killer quot; app that allows you to ignore the privacy issues inherent in the technology. Real-time translation of spoken English will certainly be a killer function.

The company does not share any details about when they will be available, but shows them in a recorded video that does not actually show the display or how you will interact with them. But the content shown in the video paints a very cool picture of the potential future of AR.

In a demonstration, a Google product manager told the bespectacled person, “you should see what I’m talking about, just transcribing it for you in real time-kind of like world subtitles.” Later, the video shows what you might see if you put on these glasses: the speaker is in front of you, and the translated language appears in real time.

It is not clear how this concept product will change when it is converted into a real product, or how it will work. This concept product may be the Project Iris product reported in January, but does not rule out the possibility of other projects.

In a keynote speech, Google CEO Sandal Pichai (Sundar Pichai) stressed the company’s focus on AR. According to him, the company seems to think that AR can exist in many places where smartphones cannot.

Looking ahead, there is a new area of computing that has the potential to extend all of this further, and that is augmented reality. At Google, we have invested heavily in this area. We have built augmented reality technology in many Google products, from Google lenses to multi-search, scene exploration, and real-time and immersive views in maps.

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