Redirection in symfony

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I'm trying to understand if there is any difference between these two ways to do a redirection in symfony.

1 Via config without custom controller

As explained here

# app/config/routing.yml

# ...

    path: /codes # redirect /codes to /code
        _controller: FrameworkBundle:Redirect:urlRedirect
        path: /code
        permanent: true

2 Via redirect() method in a custom controller

As explained here

class RedirectsController extends Controller {
     * @Route("/codes")
    public function codesAction() {
        return $this->redirect('/code', 301); // redirect /codes to /code

When I talk about differences I mean things like performance, ease of use and maintainability.


In the first case you don't need to create a controller. You can manage everything from the configuration, and this is a convenience. The redirect will be made by RedirectController
. In terms of performance there is no difference between the two methods.

If what you have to do is redirect then go with the first method.

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